WSN Links

Links Directory Script with an SEO Focus

First released in 2002 and steadily improved ever since, WSN Links is a mature and powerful links directory with support you can rely on. Features include website thumbshots, google pageranks, automatic link checking, reciprocal linking facilities, extensive data import options, automated updates and much more. Integrate easily with other MySQL membership systems to leverage your existing community. And WSN Links isn't just for links — it's easily extended and offers you the flexibility to make any sort of directory.

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Administration is a breeze and with so many configuration options, you really can fine tune your links database so it doesn't look like every other directory. I'd highly recommend WSN Links to anyone who needs to keep a collection of links and doesn't want any hassle doing so.
—Nigel Reed

WSN Links version 9.1.6 was released on Friday, January 16, 2015 with these changes:

  • Fixed multilingual urls nav origin.
  • Fixed charts when asyncjavascript tweak is on.
  • Fixed instant messaging.
  • Brought back the expiration renewal option on edit listing page.
  • Allowed bots to do tag searches when bot restriction to critical areas is on.
  • Added docreadychanger pluggable function.
  • Added hooks for ads in alertify boxes.

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