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"This script is simply astonishing and after years seeing thousands of other php scripts I never found the same level of technical perfection and achievement, WSN is just light years away from PHPld and probably anything else."
- ! Ask ! at Digital Point
"WSN Links is extremely easy to install, maintain and upgrade. Administration is a breeze and with so many configuration options, you really can fine tune your links database so it doesn't look like every other directory. I'd highly recommend WSN Links to anyone who needs to keep a collection of links and doesn't want any hassle doing so."
- Nigel Reed
"Very professional and great to deal with."
- Chessney Adamson
"WSN Links is an excellent product with 1st class support and almost endless features. Here at CompuMedix (Shops Directory) we have spent months looking for a Links Directory that had the versatility, good price tag and some support with free upgrades. With WSN Links all our sought after requirements were met with an unparalleled support included for FREE! Most companies did not offer free upgrades, required to pay more for the features that WSN Links already had built in and support came at an extra cost. All in all, we are very happy how WSN has met our Shopping Directory requirements, allowing us to organise the over 700 UK Shops and Services listed with ease. Using MySQL Admin together with WSN, we now spend a fraction of the time updating or upgrading Shop Links and therefore there's more time left for us to do other things."
- Jozsef Poor, Managing Director of CompuMedix,
"I get great SEO scores on the validators. The admin panel even has a separate category for SEO. Rewriting is taken to a fine art in this script, as well as many other SEO techniques."
- zac439 at Digital Point
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