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DMOZ Importer

Note that this importer will not import the whole ODP, or large categories. You will need to find a specialized category with less than a few thousand links below it so that the spidering process will complete correctly. Of course you may choose to import many small categories to create a larger one, but this will take time.

First, make sure you can accept the ODP license. Usage of the data has strings attached.

Please follow these step-by-step instructions for creating your own DMOZ imports. This is a bit of a complicated process, as it involves a third party program in addition to the WSN Links DMOZ importer itself.

(1) Download TulipChain v6.02 from (This is GPL software mainly built for ODP editors.) Note that if you don't already have it you will also need to download Java2 Runtime Environment 1.4+ before running TulipChain.

(2) Open TulipChain and find the category you want. Right-click it, choose 'spider' from the menu. Find something else to do for a few minutes while it spiders.

(3) When spidering is done, right-click the category again and choose 'generate report'. (If you wish, you may run the check first to see if there are dead links in the category... that, however, would take a long time if there are a lot of links involved.) Be sure to NOT tell it to open links in a new window, links in the report should open in the current window. Suggestion: save the report as report.html.
Before saving, make sure that you have selected/unselected the options as shown here:

(4) Have a glance at the report file to be sure it looks all right. Scroll to the end of the page and find the listing at the very bottom of the number of links and categories. Compare that with the number of links says are in the category. If it's not the same number, you either stopped the spidering process before it completed or the category you selected has too many links for TulipChain to handle (generally, it won't get you much more than a thousand). If you do not have a full report file, return to step 2 and choose a smaller category.

(6) Login to your WSN Links site as an administrator, then click 'Import' near the top of the admin menu, and select 'DMOZ Importer' from the options there. Select the report file as the screen instructs, and check the options you wish. If you're having trouble with your report file, you may compare with these samples ones.

(7) You need to regenerate counters. Click 'regenerate all'. Depending on the depth of subcategories you may need to do this twice.

(8) Finally, you need to place the ODP's required attribution on your pages:

On your site, it will look like this:

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